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What's everyone saying about AMH Chiropractic?

“I first went to see Dr. Moe for a neck adjustment. We began a plan that far exceeded my expectations. I had a bad lower back with arthritis and calcium build up so I didn’t even discuss that with Dr. Moe thinking that I wouldn’t be able to get improvements done there. In just a few weeks I was able to set up for a party all day without any Advils just by going through the planned adjustments. Normally, I would have gone through 9 pills. My golf game has improved with much less pain and Advils. I am now hitting 250 yard drives instead of 200-220 due in part to Dr. Moe. When I mentioned my shoulder was bothering me, he nailed it right away (being my AC joint) and in just two adjustments, I wasn’t feeling any pain. Oh yes, and I now have more range and less pain in my neck. I almost forgot what I went there for.  Great experience and I would and do highly recommend Dr. Moe to my friends.

~ Norm

“Our one year old son Luke had a chronic ear infection that lasted approximately 2 months. After repeated visits to the doctor’s and different antibiotics used to treat, there was no success. Our son then went to an ENT Specialist who stated that he may need tubes in his ears to help drain. Trying to explore other options, Chiropractic treatment for ear infections came to our attention. We then consulted with Dr. Moe. Dr. Moe provided us with a treatment plan to help with taking care of this issue. One month later, the issue has resolved. Through the great treatment and care that Dr. Moe provided Luke, we are grateful. Thank You.”

~ Luke

“When I started coming in to see Dr. Moe, I had severe pain in my neck, shoulder and back to the point where I had to lay down multiple times a day to relieve the pressure of holding my head up. After about a month of visits, I am nearly pain free most days and able to make it through an active day without laying down. I also immediately notice a change in my sinus pressure, no more headaches or shooting pain in my knees.”

~ Cindi

“I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis by my ____ and was in excruciating pain. Not with just walking but in all activities. When I mentioned it to Dr. Moe he set up a few therapies for me. Deep tissue massage of my calf muscles and ankles helped impove them immediately. We continued with Cold Laser Therapy and I have been cured”

~ Tim

“I have had back pain for over 26 years and now I can say that most of that pain is gone thanks to Dr. Moe”

~ Shelley

“When I first started here I had frequent headaches as well as tightness in my hips. After a month my headaches have decreased drastically and my hips have opened up more giving me more comfort and flexibility.”

~ Adriane

“In the six weeks that I have been coming to AMH, I have great improvements. I feel so much better and I am able to do things that I was unable to do before my therapy”

~ Alfretina

“I came to AMH because I have a curved and twisted spine. It is called Scoliosis and it is very painful. Since I have been seeing Dr. Moe the pain in my spine has reduced tremendously. I have not had this much energy and relief in quiet some time”

~ Michele

“I came in with weekly headaches. During 5 week period I only had one after starting treatment with Dr. Moe”

~ Frances

“While delivering my daughter, I injured my back when my leg was pushed back over my head. I suffered with lower back pain for 10 years until my daughter convinced me to see Dr. Moe. All I can say is, It was the best decision I made.”

~ Cindy

"I met Dr. Moe 3 months ago at the Livonia Rec Center. I have severe osteoarthritis of the hip and was struggling to play hockey, which I have done throughout my life, and even to walk without pain. After about 20 visits, I am able to walk and even play hockey with far less pain even sometimes no pain. I have been able to postpone a scheduled hip resurfacing surgery!"

~Mark R.

"In August of 2012 I injured my forearm and shoulder in a fall. As a result I haven’t been able to wear clothes that open down the front because the range of motion with my arm is very limited due to muscle and joint pain. My arm isn’t able to reach behind me to be put into a sleeve without pain. I have only been able to wear clothes that go over my head. When Dr. Moe began adjusting my arm in September - October it was slowly getting better. Recently he tried a new technique and I felt an immediate change and relief with the joint as well as the muscles in addition, after only two days I have experienced increased range of motion as well as decreased pain in my shoulder and forearm and those muscles can finally relax. I can now raise my arm straight up without pain instead of raising it at an angle. I am confident that with further adjustments in that area I will continue to improve and it will be restored to normal again. I am so grateful and delighted to see that Dr. Moe’s use of new techniques have already produced positive results."

~Karol M.

"I met Dr. Moe 3 months ago at the Livonia Rec Center. I have sever osteoarthritis of the hip and was struggling to play hockey, which I have done throughout my life, and even to walk without pain. After about 20 visits, I am able to walk and even play hockey with far less pain even sometimes no pain. I have been able to postpone a scheduled hip resurfacing surgery!"

~Mark R.

"Over the year I have been to other chiropractors who have never done some of the things that Dr. Moe has done while I’ve been under his care.

I was born with mild spastic hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy. None of previous chiropractors have ever mentioned or tried to “reactivate” the left side of my brain which is affected by the Cerebral Palsy until I met Dr. Moe. I have always wanted the lack of oxygen to my brain to be reversed. The oxygen loss has already happened it can’t be changed I’ve come to accept that. However, there is always the possibility to open up new nerve pathways to make my ability to simply function much easier; Dr. Moe and I are achieving that goal with each adjustment. His adjustments have already made a difference in the spasticity of my muscles and I deal with tight muscles every day. In addition, I have pain when I stand on my feet for extended periods of time the adjustments I receive have reduced the pain I experience in my lower back, legs and hips."

"Dr. Moe, I just want to thank you for your work on my little girls! They are doing much better after we saw you :)

I have two daughters. The oldest is 2 1/2 and the younger one is 18 months. They were both sick with a virus (feverish, vomiting, constipation, bad coughs and loss of energy) for about a week. Neither one of them had an appetite, normal bowel movements nor getting enough sleep through the week. After just one adjustment with Dr. Moe at AMH Chiropractic, both had pooped by the time I got home and actually slept 12 hours each that night!! I had never been so excited to change a dirty diaper, let alone two, before in my life LOL. In addition, the following day they were coughing less, eating better, playing together and pooped a weeks worth :))


A very happy & relieved mommy!

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