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AMH Chiropractic is here to help allow the body, mind and spirit to be in perfect harmony. We believe that we are here to aid the body in fighting the disease it is experiencing. We adjust the subluxation to allow the body to heal itself! We strive to treat each patient in a specific manner that suits that patients needs. Our services consist of case histories, physical exams, x-rays, physical adjustments, nutritional support, wellness planning and health education. We also specialize in chiropractic adjustment, trigger point therapy, active release techniqueand physiotherapy.

At AMH Chiropractic, we want to free many people from their own self restrictions due to health, we want to help a child with asthma to play a sport, we want to maximize the lifestyle of our patients so they can live their life to their fullest!

AMH Chiropractic strives to continue in our education and keep up with the latest news and techniques to assure that you are in trustworthy hands. At the end of the day we are here for YOU! 

  • amh chiropractic healthy spine

    Vertabral Subluxation

    Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to keep your spine healthy and your immune system functioning at its optimum level. Teaching how the spine and nervous system contribute to our health and well being is the primary focus of all qualified Chiropractors.

    Dr. Moe Hazimi will analyze the spine to locate vertebral subluxations, a serious condition which interferes with your nervous system function and causes spinal distortions. Although subluxation may be traced to a variety of causes, only a doctor trained in Chiropractic treatment can correct the condition without surgery.

  • amh chiropractic adjustments for asthma

    Asthma Sympton Relief

    Chiropractic adjustments can alleviate any pressure or stress that the nervous system is under in most cases. Once this is relieved, the lungs are fully capable of doing their job and incidents of asthma can be reduced if not eliminated altogether.

    Chiropractic care which results in more efficiency of the nervous system overall also boosts the natural workings of the immune system and can help a child maintain consistent good health. This is particularly important for children who have asthma as they are more prone to attacks when they have a cold or something more serious such as a respiratory infection.

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